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Happy Diwali Jokes 2018 | Funny, Non Veg Diwali Jokes, SMS in Hindi

Happy Diwali Jokes 2018 | Funny, Non-Veg Diwali Jokes, SMS in Hindi: Diwali which is the best & greatest eve celebrated by the people of India. Every citizen desperately waits for this occasion to celebrate it with their family members & to participate in Diwali cultural events. Here in this article, we will be sharing some cool and amazing happy Diwali 2018 jokes & comedy lines for Diwali eve in the Hindi language so that you can share it WhatsApp groups and let others laugh. In this way, you can share laughter & enjoy being with your best friends. The main motive behind this festival is to share love & happiness and to avoid ego, anger and to forget your enemies. This is the time when you can bring lights to some one’s life that is why it’s called “Festival of Lights”. Every Indian child knows why we celebrate Diwali. But still, we would love to explain the reason behind it for our other readers from different countries who really want to know about this eve. Before we check out the amazing funny Diwali jokes collection, let’s know out the process. (Scroll down for jokes)

happy diwali best wishesDiwali festival which is celebrated in the month of October & November every year. It said that When god Ram came back from Ayodhya after spending the 14 years of his life with younger brother Laxman & by defeating Devil Raavan from Sri Lanka then people, for this victory, decorated their homes, streets & cities in the honor of Ram’s & the region’s victory Nearby living people cleaned the whole city & lighted candles outside their homes and after that this ocassion named the festival of lights. Every year in the memory of this win starts celebrating this festival. It is also believed that on this day, Maa Laxmi shower blessings on every home and people also do pooja before celebrations. Nowadays people celebrate this eve by spending time together with families, sharing sweets & gifts with workers & employees. So this is the short summary behind this. Now you can also follow your own way of spreading happiness by sharing happy Diwali jokes 2018, Funny, Adult & non-veg Diwali jokes & SMS in Hindi are also there but that’s all for fun & entertainment so please take it in the positive manner only. I hope you will love our funny Hindi SMS & jokes for Deepavali festival and will share it with your best friends, cousins, girlfriend & boyfriend. Now let’s not waste more time and focus on the collection of Hindi jokes below:

Happy Diwali Jokes 2018 For Best Friends, Cousins

diwali 2018-diwali wishes quotes

  1. Aapke Life Mein Mithaaas Ho “Cadbury” Jaaise
    Rounaak Ho “Aasian Paints” Jaise
    Mehaak Ho “Axe” Jaaise
    Taazgi Ho “Colgaate” Jaise
    Aur Tension-free raahe
    “Huggies” Jaise! HAHA. Happy Diwali All!
  2. Big B-Mere Paas Rocket Hai, Sur Suri Hai, Chaakri Hai, Murgaa Bu\omb Hai, Tumhare Paas Kya Hai?
    Shaashi– Mere Pas MAA…chis Hai. :p
  3. Rocket Gift on Diwali, Boy bought gift for his beautiful girlfriend..Gf: what the hell would I do with this Diwali rocket??Boy: you wanted stars na baby??now sit on it and get lost :D. Diwali girlfriend funny joke.
  4. May this Diwali 2018 give you
    Popularity Of Windows
    Features of Linux
    Independence of JAVA
    Ease of Visual Basic
    Power of Unix!. Diwali Jokes for engineer!
  5. Husband full drunk, came to home Wife at door: how dare you to get drunk…..?
    You promised me that you did not drink without any occasion, then why you drunk today?
    Funny husband: darling, the festival of crackers diwali is coming..!!
    Wife: so what ? What’s new in that..?
    Husband: we need bottles to light rockets my darling. Diwali husband wife jokes!